May 22, 2019

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New Cooperation,Cooper Used Bus In Africa


This is a special day for Zhengzhou Cooper Industry Co., Ltd. 20th, May.2019. Here are some customers who come from Africa, visited our company and our bus yard.

They come to visit us in Zhengzhou for the first time, with excited and happy. Took pictures and having a short rest. We came back to the bus site for the inspection and visit.    

As I talked before. We are professional and have our own bus yard for painting, repair and maintenance. All the buses need to be checked, cleaned and tested before shipment. We have our professional team for these.


Thank you for your trust and choose us.took the photos and made contract.


As the saying goes: Isn't it a pleasure that a friend who comes from far away!


Welcome to all of friends come to visit us and make good cooperation for long term .


Welcome to China.Welcome to Cooper.



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